14 Inspiring DIY Classroom Decoration Ideas

easy and inspiring classroom decoration ideas for themes

One of the best things about being a teacher is picking your classroom decor theme!  Soon, we’ll all be getting ready for the next school year making the cutest classrooms for our students. Here are some of the most unique and creative ideas for classroom decoration ideas for themes you can use to brighten up and organize your learning space this year! Good luck deciding, because you will fall in love with all of them!

Each classroom decor theme kit has everything you need to setup your classroom for back to school! Think bulletin board ideas, rules posters, door decor, calendar math wall, teacher binder organization, supply labels, daily schedule display, welcome banners and so much more! Most pieces are editable so you can customize them to fit your classroom needs!

1. Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Theme

This style looks great with black accents and galvanized metal containers. You can spray paint your file cabinets, plastic drawer organizers, etc to match! This classroom setup is so classy and cozy!

rustic farmhouse classroom decoration ideas chic farmhouse theme

2. Farmhouse Chic Classroom Decorations

This classroom kit looks great with sage green, burgundy and mustard yellow! The flowers are so pretty and I love the brightness of the yellow! 

farmhouse chic classroom decoration ideas for theme

3. Rustic Sunflower Classroom Decoration Ideas

I am in love with sunflowers AND farmhouse style. These next three decor sets really pull both of those together! I love the black accents. It really makes it easy to coordinate with your existing classroom furniture and organizational pieces. Just grab some silk sunflowers at a craft store and you have a pinterest worthy classroom with any of these sunflower classroom decor themes! Here are more ideas to decorate your sunflower classroom theme!

farmhouse chic sunflower theme classroom decoration ideas modern

4. Country Sunflower Theme with Blue

Bright yellow sunflowers with blue and black accents for a rustic country farmhouse feel! Perfect for a cozy classroom look!

farmhouse sunflower classroom decoration ideas modern chic

5. Modern Farmhouse Sunflower 

Bright white shiplap with watercolor sunflowers! This set is stunning and looks great with galvanized metal containers! You can grab a free set of printable classroom posters to try this set out. 

farmhouse sunflower classroom decoration ideas modern

6. Bright Tie Dye Classroom Ideas

These classroom decoration ideas could really be fun! The bright colors are so easy to match and the black accents add some class! Classy tie-dye, who would have thought? 

tie dye classroom theme decoration ideas modern and bright

7. Rainbow Chalkboard Brights Classroom Decor

Rainbow classroom themes never go out of style. Ever! These classroom decorations are classic and timeless. Bonus, you will not have trouble matching colors with the primary ROY G. BIV.  

Rainbow themed classroom decoration ideas

8. Farmhouse Floral Theme

This could possibly be the most elegant classroom theme kit on this list. The navy, burgundy, purples and pinks are gorgeous. This decor looks great with greenery. I used fake plants because I am not a good plant mom. 

farmhouse chic classroom decoration ideas watercolor theme

9. Cactus Farmhouse Classroom Style

If you have a cactus classroom, you will love these theme ideas! This decor set is perfect for green, pinks and oranges with black accents and a lot of country charm! Just add succulents and you will have a drool worthy classroom.

cactus classroom theme decoration ideas succulent theme

10. Gold Glitter Cactus Theme

This cactus  decor theme set has sparkles! The sparkly magic happens all in the printer, so you don’t need special paper. These classroom decorations look great with green, orange and pink, too! 

cactus classroom decoration ideas succulent theme

11. Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Classroom

The definition of warm and cozy classroom decor! These decorations look great with black accents, fake or real plants, and (of course) galvanized metal containers!

buffalo plaid farmhouse classroom decoration ideas

12. Black and White Stylish Classroom

Anything goes with these printable classroom decorations! You can mix and match with ANY colors or just stick with black and white for clean and classy!

Inspiring black and white classroom decoration ideas

13. Black and Gold Shimmer Classroom Decor

Talk about modern class! If you have a Hollywood theme, you will love this set! No special paper or printing required! This black and gold classroom theme is perfect back to school organization and style.

Inspiring beautiful classroom decoration ideas black and gold

14. Agate Slice Classroom Design Ideas

You will love how these colorful agates and crystals brighten up your classroom! These work great for science or any nature themed rooms!

Inspiring unique classroom decoration ideas
inspiring and fun classroom decoration ideas for elementary

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