Surprising Ways Calendar Math Routine is Important

I think we can all agree that having a morning routine in our classroom is a perfect way to begin the day in elementary. My morning routine always begins with our calendar bulletin board for calendar math!  I have to tell you, I never expected calendar time to be one of my favorite times ofContinue reading “Surprising Ways Calendar Math Routine is Important”

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

Rainbow Classroom Theme: The Perfect Way To Add Color and Joy to Your Teaching Space! If you’re looking for a fun classroom theme idea for 2023, keep reading! Decorating a classroom with a rainbow theme can be a fun and easy way to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Rainbow classroom decor is truly timelessContinue reading “How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme”

Why You Need a Daily Visual Schedule in Your Classroom

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about setting up your classroom for success. Many teachers are looking for ways to boost their classroom management for smooth routines and procedures. Classroom daily visual schedules are great for helping students understand how their day will flow.  What is a daily visual schedule?Continue reading “Why You Need a Daily Visual Schedule in Your Classroom”

The Best Tips & Tricks For Printable Classroom Decor

Printable classroom decor is so popular for many reasons. Its editable so you can customize it to meet your needs for your classroom from year to year. You can create exactly what you need. And you can find some pretty amazing designs and classroom themes to bring your dream classroom to life! However sometimes teachersContinue reading “The Best Tips & Tricks For Printable Classroom Decor”

The Best Boho Classroom Decor Ideas for Back To School

Are you doing neutral boho classroom decor this year? This beautiful classroom theme is so popular for back to school classroom decor 2022!  I have fallen hard for these soft neutral colors and this modern boho theme with geometrical shapes, earthy colors, and natural textures. Boho classroom decorations are not distracting and gender neutral. TheContinue reading “The Best Boho Classroom Decor Ideas for Back To School”

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers Are you searching for the best classroom theme or classroom decoration ideas? This tie dye classroom theme has to be the most bright and colorful way to decorate a classroom I’ve ever seen! I am in love with all of the groovy back to school classroomContinue reading “Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers”

Easy DIY Cactus Classroom Theme Ideas

So much time is spent in your classroom by you and your students!  You deserve a beautiful and organized learning space that makes you and your students smile every single school day! Succulents and cactus classroom theme is so fun for any grade! This style is easy and cozy with wood and burlap rustic accentsContinue reading “Easy DIY Cactus Classroom Theme Ideas”

7 Ideas for Classroom Decor & Setup You Can’t Live Without

If you love classroom decorations, you are in the right place! Creating an inviting space for you and your students can be so rewarding and classroom setup and design don’t have to be hard or expensive. With a little effort, students feel welcomed and look forward to entering the room each morning. Plus you canContinue reading “7 Ideas for Classroom Decor & Setup You Can’t Live Without”

14 Inspiring DIY Classroom Decoration Ideas

One of the best things about being a teacher is picking your classroom decor theme!  Soon, we’ll all be getting ready for the next school year making the cutest classrooms for our students. Here are some of the most unique and creative ideas for classroom decoration ideas for themes you can use to brighten upContinue reading “14 Inspiring DIY Classroom Decoration Ideas”